Frequently Asked Questions

The site is cool but _____ is missing. How can I contact you ?

You can join the discord server and give us feedback : Tell me what you think of the site and your awesome idea, I will probably add it !

If you have programming skills you can find the repository on GitHub : Don't hesitate to create pull requests, I won't eat you :D.

Why " ?"

  • Tahm Kench is badass
  • It's easy to remember
  • I live in Switzerland (.ch is the TLD for Switzerland)
  • The domain name was available
Message to Riot Games : I know that you are really cautious about League's IP, if you have any problem with the domain name, contact me so we can talk it through.

I saw a guy pretending to be you in my game.

My summoners name is 'Neeko Tesla' and I play on EUW. Here is my :

But outside of League my nickname is TheRaphael0000, on Discord my name is TheRaphael0000#4768. Otherwise it's not me .-.

Yeah this section exist 'cause when I see people using 'optimized compositions', I can't help but ask them if they used the site, and if they do I tell them that I'm the dev. hihihi.

Will the site be multi-language ?

I plan to do it but it is not my top priority.